Whether you're coming back from an injury, looking to train for an up-coming event, or just looking for a gym to call home, we have many different options for you and your family to reach your full athletic potential.

Darin Rell

Owner / Trainer

With a background as an Exercise Specialist at St. Luke's Rehabilitation institute, Darin decided to start Speciality Training, Inc. in 2002. Since then, he has logged over 30,000 personal training sessions under his belt. In addition to his clinical background, Darin has been a 360 lb. Powerlifter, to a 240 lb. Marathon Runner. This unique life experience allows him to relate to the needs of every individual. With Darin, you can rest assure that you will never do anything that he hasn't done himself.

  • Bs. Exercise science
  • Cft-ISSA
  • Owner of Specialty Training since 2002

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Bob Omlin

Trainer / Vice Prsident

Bob has 18 years of Coaching experience. He works with all ages and populations. In addition to being a trainer he is also the Jumps and Combined Events Coach for Eastern Washington Universities Track and Field Team.

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Quintin Barnard

Ever since I was a little boy, exercise and fitness have always been a huge part of my life due to my love for playing football and baseball. These sports have greatly influence my drive to constantly seek out ways to perform better and excel in games and practices. This passion for fine tuning your body to outperform the other team fueled my decision to go to Eastern Washington University to obtain a degree in Exercises Science. Now, as a personal trainer, I still enjoy fitness and I love assisting others in achieving success in their fitness endeavors. Understandably, everyone is different, not just with strengths, weaknesses or even bodies, but with their end goals. As my client, I can promise you that I will work with you to create a plan that we both agree is safe, effective and and will fit your needs like a well tailored suit. When you rely on me I will be your motivator, your friend, and I’m sure at times when you are working your butt off, your verbal punching bag, but that comes with being your trainer. Working out should be fun! And I will do my absolute best to ensure that each session we have together will be.

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JJ Johnston

Muay Thai Instructor

I started my Martial Arts journey in the summer of 1979 and received my black belt in Lotus Self-Defense (A Thai martial art from Ubon Thailand) in 1991.  That Fall I took over as the lead instructor and enhanced the Muay Thai training Lotus had provided its students over the years. I really developed my coaching and teaching skills by concentrating on a tough physical regiment while also focusing on proper form and technique.  I ran the program for two years while I finished my BA degree from Whitworth University and completed my collegiate football career.  A few of the fighters I coached had success in the local venues. As MMA started taking precedence in the eyes of most people, I continued focusing on Muay Thai and promoting the stand up arts in my region. I feel that the most important aspect of Muay Thai is the enhancement and fulfillment of Body, Mind and Spirit. Years of fighting and competing in different arenas always brought me back to those concepts. Muay Thai strengthens the body through conditioning: physical training, exercise and performance. Muay Thai enhances the mind by: cultivating the mind through practice, execution and technique. Muay Thai develops the spirit by: developing the will, sense of significance and personal character. I was brought into the USEACA (United South Eastern Asian Cultural Association) and I was taken on as a student by Ajahn Suchart from Siam No.1 and promoted to the level of Kru (certified instructor of Muay Thai) and then later promoted to the level of Kru Yai (advanced instructor of Muay Thai). Besides my long Martial Arts career, I'm a former football coach, and strength and conditioning coach at both Gonzaga Preparatory High School and Ferris High School in Spokane. I also taught Physical Education at North Idaho College specializing in women's self-defense, weights and conditioning and I created a very successful kickboxing class.

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Amy Black

Personal Trainer / Group Fitness Trainer

Execute, Educate, Empower are the three essential elements of training with me, which will get you the results you desire. I will put my time and expertise into listening to your history and goals to create your personal roadmap. Since life is constantly changing, our conversation will remain open and your roadmap may change from time to time. I will require you to execute your personal plan in the gym and at home. I will educate you about proper exercise and lifestyle management empowering you to become the best version of you possible. There is no easy fix, no magic pill, only consistency and commitment to your goals. I will ask you to step out of your box, learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable one step at a time. With me, you will earn the results you deserve, and you won’t spend one day being sorry. For over 20 years my life has revolved around improving people’s lives and becoming the best trainer and fitness instructor I could be in order to best serve my clients. I’ve honed my skill, continued to study the science, and practiced what I preached every day, which resulted in the privilege of becoming a full-time firefighter for six years in Madison, WI. I would still be there today if I wouldn’t have met my husband in 2007 and decided he was worth following to Spokane in 2010. Although my goals have changed depending on what life throws at me, through it all, the one constant that has kept me grounded is my commitment to living healthy and fit. Make the choice now to let it be the constant in your life.


·         B.A. Exercise Science – Hamline University, St. Paul, MN 1996

·         NSCA CPT & CSCS – Certified Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning Specialist 1997 & 2004

·         Certified TRX Instructor

·         Certified AKC & Art of Strength Kettlebell and Battling ropes instructor

·         Certified Les Mills Instructor for RPM, BodyPump, BodyFlow, GRIT, BodyCombat

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Karina Kissick

Personal Trainer

My name is Karina Kissick and I am a health and fitness coach. After years of struggling with my own health and fitness and battling through an eating disorder, I am so honored to be where I am today as a health and fitness coach and helping women who have a negative view of exercise, food, and often of themselves transition into feeling empowered, strong, fueled, and accomplish things they’d never dream of accomplishing. My goal is to help every person who walks through the gym doors reach all of their goals no matter what level they are at. Health and fitness is a lifestyle and I provide all the tools and knowledge to reach all of your fitness goals and learn how to turn it into a lifestyle in a way that is not overwhelming. Join me and many other women in our Strong Girls Club and get all the support and encouragement and most importantly release your inner Strong Girl that we both know is there!!

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Donnie Kissick

Personal Trainer

Whatever you want to accomplish with your body, I can direct you in a way that is perfect for you. I have a lot of tools in my tool box in terms of training experience. From developing strength and reducing fat in a healthy way, to fun training styles like calisthenics, yoga, and movement training, we can find exactly what you want and need to keep you working out for the long term! I can guarantee you results and comfortable training experience.

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